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30A Senior Portraits

Planning for your 30A Senior Photos

Keep scrolling to see the 5 common pain points for seniors when it comes to planning for their senior pictures or click link to start PLANNING your 30A Senior photo session with Melonie Marie.


  1. Choice Overload: Seniors might feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options, from poses to locations and outfits, leading to decision fatigue and stress.

  2. Body Insecurities: Many seniors might feel self-conscious about their appearance, leading to concerns about how they will look in the photos.

  3. Cost Concerns: Senior picture packages and professional photography services can be costly, causing financial worries for both seniors and their families.

  4. Time and Scheduling: Coordinating the photo session with busy senior schedules and finding a convenient time for both the senior and the photographer can be challenging.

  5. Expectations vs. Reality: Seniors might have high expectations for their senior pictures, which can add pressure to the experience, and there might be concerns if the pictures don't meet their expectations.


Overcome choice overload for your 30A Senior photos

I am an image stylist who specializes in curating and enhancing the visual appearance of individuals, products, or spaces. My expertise lies in creating captivating visual narratives through the selection of clothing, accessories, and props, as well as the orchestration of aesthetic elements such as lighting and composition. I work closely with my clients to refine and communicate a specific visual message, whether it's conveying personal style, enhancing brand identity, or creating compelling visual content. My role in your senior portraits encompasses a keen understanding of color theory, fashion trends, and visual storytelling, allowing me to transform ordinary images into impactful visual stories that resonate with my intended audience.


Overcome Body Insecurity with Click 30A

As an image stylist and photographer, Click 30A by Melonie Marie specializes in empowering high school teens to feel confident and comfortable during their senior portrait sessions, especially when dealing with body insecurities. I work closely with the teens to understand their unique concerns and preferences. By curating outfits and accessories that align with the teens' individual styles and personalities, I not only address body insecurities but also emphasize each teen's best features, fostering a sense of confidence and self-assurance. Additionally, I expertly guide teens for posing and composition, creating a supportive and reassuring environment that enables high school seniors to shine authentically in their senior portraits.


Overcome cost concerns for your 30A Senior Photos

Melonie Marie addresses cost concerns for senior photos by offering flexible package options tailored to accommodate varying budget and style preferences. With the "Senior Year in a Flash" package, seniors have the freedom to choose from packages, starting from just one outfit to unlimited outfits, ensuring that there is an option for every budget and need. This flexibility allows seniors and their families to select a package that best suits their financial considerations while also providing an all-inclusive experience. By emphasizing choice and affordability, Melonie Marie's approach ensures that every senior can have access to high-quality senior photography without compromising on their vision or financial comfort.


Overcome Time Challenges

Melonie Marie specializes in alleviating the challenges of time and scheduling for busy high school seniors, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for both the seniors and the photographer. By offering flexible scheduling options and personalized coordination, Melonie Marie prioritizes the convenience and availability of the seniors. Her tailored approach takes into account the unique schedules and commitments of high school students, allowing for efficient planning and execution of the photo session. This thoughtful consideration not only minimizes scheduling conflicts but also ensures that the seniors can fully engage in the photography experience without undue stress or inconvenience. Melonie Marie's approach reflects a commitment to accommodating the busy lives of high school seniors while delivering exceptional senior portrait sessions.


Overcome fear with Melonie Marie at Click 30A

Melonie Marie approaches the challenge of managing expectations versus reality with a focus on open communication, collaboration, and professional guidance. By fostering a transparent dialogue with the seniors and their families, Melonie Marie ensures that their expectations are understood and addressed. Through pre-shoot consultations and continuous communication, she provides insights into the photo session process, manages expectations, and offers valuable guidance to alleviate any pressure or concerns. Melonie Marie's expertise and personalized approach empower high school seniors by helping them understand the creative process and the elements that contribute to an exceptional senior portrait session. Her commitment to transparency and clear communication fosters trust and allows the seniors to feel assured that their expectations will be met, if not exceeded, resulting in a positive and gratifying photography experience.

Planning Guide

Destin Senior Photographerr.jpg


What if it rains

on the day of your photo session? Don't worry, we have a back up plan.


How to Look good

on camera for your session. From posing techniques to wardrobe selection.


What do I Bring

to make my beach photo session a success. Did you know you need baby powder?

30a senior photos in rosemary beach florida

What if it rains

Let me fair-warn you now… there’s a 90 percent chance of rain on your photo date.  This is the Emerald Coast, there ALWAYS a chance of rain. But don’t let that stress you out. It’s a quick storm, and it cools off those high temps for us. Florida's Emerald Coast is stunning, the beaches are breathtaking, and the gardens are lush and beautiful. One of the reason for this beauty is the storms and rainfall during peak season. While it does rain frequently here, it will blow over very quickly and rarely will affect your session (or even your day on the beach)! About 24 hours before our session, we will touch base by text message to confirm your session time - this time might be adjusted due to the rain schedule (very rarely does this happen as the rain is gone by sunset).

Feel free to text us at 850-460-4437 up to 24 hours before your session to confirm any weather concerns.

30a Photographer

4 Steps to Look good

on camera for your 30A Senior Portraits


Figure Flattering Tips

Sometimes, even the most confident people can become self-conscious when put on camera. If this sounds like you, don't worry! I'm here to help. I specialize in senior portraits and I know just what it takes to make you look and feel amazing.  Click here for the do's and dont's.


Natural Looking Poses

Get ready to strike your best pose with Magazine Images for your senior portraits! Our experienced photographers know how to capture the perfect shot and make you look like a model straight out of a magazine. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and styles to create a one-of-a-kind portrait that you'll treasure for years to come.


What to Wear

Our Image Styling service helps you choose the perfect outfit for your senior portraits. Our experienced stylists will work with you to select pieces that flatter your body type and compliment your unique style. We'll make sure you look and feel confident and beautiful in your photos.


Hair & Makeup

We understand that hair and makeup can be a concern for many senior portrait clients. That's why we offer expert tips and advice to help you feel confident and beautiful during your session. Book a 30A hair and makeup artist to create a look that is both natural and stunning, so you can relax and enjoy your portrait session.

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