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30A Event & Wedding Photographer

What is a parachute dress?

A stunning 30-foot flowing dress made from a real parachute! This one-of-a-kind dress offers you the opportunity to channel your inner goddess as you soar above the sandy shores of Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast in 30A.

Fly Away 30A

Embrace Your Beauty and Strength with a Parachute Dress Photo Shoot along the shores of 30A Florida. Experience the ultimate beach adventure at Fly Away 30A! This unique event combines style makeovers with a breathtaking flying dress photo session.

Empowering 30A Photo Sessions, makeovers and Flying Dress Beach adventures for women and teens.

Flying Dress | 30A Events

Soar to new heights


What's Included in an Empowering Flying Dress Image Makeover with Get Away 30A?

📸 Capture the Magic of Fly Away 30A: Beach Style Makeovers and Flying Dress Photo Session! 🏖️


We are excited to announce an extraordinary event that will take your breath away! Prepare to experience the enchantment of Fly Away 30A - a photo event like no other, happening on the picturesque beach.


✨ Empowering Women and Teens ✨

At Fly Away 30A, we believe in the power of self-expression and the celebration of diversity. This event is tailored to empower women and teenagers as they embrace their uniqueness and beauty.


💃 30Foot Flowing Dress 💃

Picture this: a mesmerizing 30-foot flowing dress made from a real parachute! This magnificent dress is designed to encapsulate the spirit of freedom and adventure that fills the air. Be prepared to feel like a goddess as you don this stunning garment.


🚀 Flying Dress Photo Session 🚀

Dreams are not meant to be grounded - they are meant to soar! Immerse yourself in a captivating Flying Dress Photo Session that will capture the essence of your inner strength and beauty. Under the guidance of professional photographers, you will have the opportunity to capture unforgettable aerial shots that will leave you in awe.


💅 Style Makeovers 💄

We believe in the transformative power of style. Indulge in our expert style makeovers that will leave you feeling confident and radiant. Our team of talented hair and makeup artists will work their magic, ensuring every participant feels like a star ready for their close-up.


🌴 A Day of Serenity and Inspiration 🌊

As you enter the realm of Fly Away 30A, leave your worries behind and embrace the serenity and inspiration that awaits you. Between photo sessions, take a moment to relax on the sandy shores and let the rhythmic waves wash away any stress. So contact me today and get ready to spread your wings and soar!


💖 Empowerment. Elegance. Enchantment. Fly Away 30A awaits! 💖

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A spellbinding session for the daring, divine, and undeniably glamorous.

Have you ever heard of the Santorini Flying Dresses from Greece? Back in 2013 when I was working towards my Masters Degree in photography I discovered the uniqueness of these flying dresses during a World Photography Print Competition (at that time, the dresses were only available in Greece, now you can purchase the Santorini Flying dresses from Amazon-click here to get yours). Just and fyi.... My Parachute dresses are bigger and better for photography moments and also, one of a kind!

So how did I create these one of a kind dresses?

After the print competition, I immediately came back home and started working with a local seamstress in the heart of Michigan (and I got my hands on an old parachute) to create my vision of a, ONE SIZE-fits all, Flying Dress to show that does not matter!

One of a Kind Dresses

to show off your

One of a Kind Beauty

Where is 30A


30A is on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast in Walton County. While many think 30A is a town... it's actually a Hwy that connects multiple communities of small town beach vibes along 26 miles of white sandy shores on the Gulf of Mexico.

Grow Your Vision

FLY AWAY 30A WEDDINGS AND FLYING DRESSES website is still currently in "pre-launch" status, if you or your business want to be featured on the FLY AWYA 30A website and social media sites along with Click 30A, Love these Vybz, What's Happening 30A & other local venues, please contact me.

30A Beach Wedding

Fly Away to 30A Weddings & Elopements

Elope to 30A for only $1500. Includes wedding ceremony on the beach, officiant, beach photography permit plus all gallery image downloads.

Fly Away 30A Weddings is excited to be teamed up with the top quality and trusted vendors like What's Happening 30A, Spivey Videography and other local vendors for cakes, flowers, Conceirge services and more!

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