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The Real Santa of 30A Magical photo adventures

The Real Santa of 30A
The Real Santa of 30A

The Magic of Santa Photo Sessions

30A Santa Mini Sessions with the Real Santa of 30a

Did you know that the REAL SANTA OF 30A visits the beautiful beaches of Santa Rosa Beach Florida year round?

While October is typically when the busy season starts for the Christmas photo sessions with The Real Santa of 30A, we book November and December sessions as early as January!

In addition to our October thru December Holiday mini sessions, we also offer year round Magic of Santa sessions with the Real Santa of 30A. Let your child know that Santa Claus will be on vacation at the same time as you and capture your Christmas cards early with a spring or summer Magic of Santa interactive photo session at your vacation rental or local 30A home.

30A Holiday Mini with the real santa of 30a

The Real Santa of 30A - the Beard is Kid tested!

Who is the Real Santa of 30A?

Magic of Christmas with the Real Santa of 30A

Amidst the pristine sands of 30A, the enchantment of Christmas beckons. A mystical portal opens, and the Magic of Santa descends upon the shores, bringing with it a wondrous photo session that captures the essence of the season. Our team, weaving spells of merriment, will guide families as they experience a truly unique and unforgettable moment with Santa himself.


Our belief is that the wonder of the holidays is a treasure trove of memories waiting to be captured, a timeless gift to be cherished for generations. Be a part of this magical adventure with us and let the enchantment of the season unfold before you. Let the warmth of our Christmas Mini Session fill your hearts with joy and let the magical artwork created from your adventure be a beacon of wonder for years to come.


The Christmas Mini Session on 30A is an opportunity to create a treasured memory with loved ones. The picturesque setting of the pristine sands provides the perfect backdrop for a unique and unforgettable moment with Santa. Our team is dedicated to crafting a magical experience, weaving spells of merriment to bring out the wonder of the holidays. We believe that the memories captured during this session will be a timeless gift to be cherished for generations. So come and be a part of this enchanting adventure, let the warmth of the season fill your hearts with joy and let us create magical artwork that will be a beacon of wonder for years to come.

The real Santa of 30A
30A Christmas Mini Session with Santa-5.jpg

Santa Sessions

There's something for everyone


October-December mini sessions

Beach mini sessions available at Ed Walline Beach in Santa Rosa Beach on Hwy 30A. And Garden sessions at both Eden Gardens and Cerulean park in Watercolor.

There is a 250 session fee and that includes 10 minutes interactive photo session on the beach at sunset.

Limited Dates and Availability


January-April Storybook Series

During the off season, Santa like's to spend special moments with his believers and give them a little more one on one time with his magical stories and adventures.


You can book a full 30 minute interactive session with Santa and that includes story time, a special gift from Santa plus a family photo session on the beach (with our without Santa)

500 for family of 5 - Book Now


October-December home sessions

Do you want Santa to visit you at your home or vacation rental in Santa Rosa Beach (or surrounding 30A areas)?

Santa comes to you. Sessions starting at 350 includes a 10 minute home visit during the day with digital files and print release.

Book your date


May-September with Santa

Being from the North Pole, and it being so hot here in 30A during this season, we only offer indoor locations - like Santa's toy workshop! You might even see one of his elves.

Your Santa workshop can be done in your home or at one of our monthly breakfast with Santa events. For more details about these events or other special Santa sightings in 30A

Text MAGIC to 850-460-4437

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